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Specified Giving for Building Project 

The areas and items listed below give an opportunity to invest specifically in an area of ministry that personally resonates with you.



800 chairs at $100 each

Total: $80,000

These durable, stackable, and interlocking chairs will provide seating in our sanctuary for services and special events. 

Outfit Classrooms

9 Classrooms at $10,000 each

Total: $90,000

These classrooms will be outfitted for 16-30 children,  providing toys, cubbies, and play areas in each space. 


Indoor Playground

1 playground at $95,000 total

Because children are our priority, this playground provides an inviting and exciting space not only for Sunday mornings but for our daycare center throughout the week. This area will feature a slide from the second floor to the first, a climbing section, and a toddler area. 

Pickleball Set Up

6 Courts at $2,500 each

Total: $15,000

Our gym space will have the ability for six courts to be set-up simultaneously. This will not only be a great amenity to our church people but to our community as well. 


Basketball Hoops

4 hoops at $9,000 each

Total: $36,000

These basketball hoops, located in the gymnasium, will be used for church, youth, and community events. They will provide opportunities for connection among students and adults and provide more gym space for our local sports programs.

Outdoor Sign

1 sign at $80,000 each

Total: $80,000

This digital LED sign will be on McKay and used to advertise services, children and youth ministry, special events, daycare center info, etc. This will also be a consistent, digital invitation to our community. 

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50 tables at $250 each

Total: $12,500

These high-quality, sturdy tables and transport carts will be used for church ministry and events.

Coffee Station

1 coffee station at $7,500 each

Total: $7,500

This coffee area will be a central space for conversation and connection whenever we gather. This equipment will enable us to make a variety of coffee drinks in addition to our regular brew.





There are many miscellaneous items that need to be purchased to complete the build and make this a functional church. Money given in this category will go directly to these items. 

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