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VIE Church Building Updates

Our Vision

Our new facility will be a tool for VIE Church to creatively and compassionately connect people of all

ages with Jesus and clearly communicate our commitment to the next generation. It will be a place

where you will be excited and proud to bring your family, friends, and co-workers

to encounter Jesus as a person and His truth that will bring hope, inspiration, and life change.


Highly operative nursery and children’s space with capability of conducting a quality daycare.

Youth + Outreach

Relevant, viable, youth space conducive to our young people and friends receiving life-transforming truth.

Capacity + Technology

Auditorium with seating capacity of 400+ and technologically equipped to enhance our growing online presence.

Connection + Community

Spacious gathering area facilitating connection, community, events and outreach.

Purpose + Limitations

What is the purpose of VIE Church

How is our current facility limiting
the fulfillment of our purpose?

New Facility Benefits

Children are our priority 

Connections + Community 

Youth are our priority 

Capacity + Technology 


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